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  • BonMarb Bathroom Black Marble Towel Ring is good to be used in your bathroom and create luxury atmospher. This Marble Towel Ring suitable for hanging any sizes towels to keep it dry. It can also be place in the entryway to hang scarf. It made your bathroom more in aesthetic interiors. Natural marble comes with an elegant and noble atmosphere. It is designed with shiny gold color steel to be combined with different color marbles in black, white and green for modern with elegance look.
  • This product made of Taiwan natural marble, which 100% excavated from Taiwan east coast marble vein that has been kept for centuries. The pattern on the marble are all made of natural way, not of artificial. Each pattern is unique in the world, only for you. Different from the marble of other countries, Taiwan marble has a unique oriental gray vein with white background. After cutting, polishing and many times grinding, high-quality natural marble piece touch with smooth surface.
  • EASY INSTALLATION - All you need is a screwdriver to securely fasten the marble part to a wall. Instructions are included.
  • Marbillum are from Taiwan and dedicate designing home products based on materials native. Appreciate our working together with designers to combine multiculturalism with great features of each materials to present a sense of various beauty with the nutrients of the creation.
  • Add a elegant atmosphere to your home - create the atmosphere that your friends and family love - make your home's entrance a great first impression.

White Marble Towel Ring& Towel Hanger & Kitchen Towel Holder & Scarf Holder

    • Size -19X17X5 CM
    • Item model number: MHT7010SG-5
    • Material : marble 60%steel 40%
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